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We want to lift web trade to version 2.0 – and make sure that your shop is a front-runner…

If you want to sell more – then read on about the CLEAR MESSAGE, about instant gratification oand about how you can get 45% MORE SHOPPING DAYS than your competitors.


The Internet is always open. Or is it? Is a webshop really open if the customer cannot get his goods?

Years ago, the supermarkets discovered that they sold more when they were open for longer. We can now all do our shopping on Sundays. Why would online customers want less?

When they shop on the Internet, it takes only a few clicks for customers to switch from a shop with limited delivery to a shop, which can deliver tomorrow.

Do you want to serve online customers on the 114 days when your competitors’ shops are closed?




One major thing about Internet business is convenience. Sit down, visit a webshop with a great product presentation and the goods you want, and get your goods delivered to your door next morning – that’s a great experience…

It is not always easy to predict, in which direction things and trends will move. When it comes to convenience however, you don’t need a crystal ball.

When they were invented, phone boxes and Internet cafes were quantum leaps. Even if both continue to work today, most would probably agree that the phone box is past its peak.

Generally speaking consumers want things to come to their own front door if possible. And usually we don’t have to leave the house to find a phone box or a Parcelshop.

Please remember that even if home delivery is pure luxury – we can still deliver via a Parcelshop if the parcel is a secret gift for your wife. And also in due time for you to take the parcel back home when you are on your way from the baker’s to serve her breakfast in bed.


It is actually quite simple. When you write “tomorrow” – it IS tomorrow. Even when tomorrow is a Sunday, Good Friday or any other day. Period :-)

We believe that anyone can understand this message – and sell it, for that matter.

DAO365 can help you to provide this service, as we have thousands of carriers who every night deliver parcels, newspapers, magazines and letters across the country.

We are the only distributor to offer early morning delivery to the recipient’s home address. And as we also deliver to more than 6,500 shops before they open we can also make deliveries via our many Parcelshops. Early in the morning. 365 days a year.

More than 99% of our deliveries are next-day deliveries. Not that we brag much about it – but YOU are welcome to do so.



The message “You will get your stuff tomorrow” is very easy to communicate – and it creates additional sales.

British DPD recently started delivering on Sundays and CEO Dwain McDonald saw sales increase by 10%. The increment was not stolen from other days or other distributors. It reflected that customers were actually buying goods, which they would not otherwise have bought. In other words, they were getting instant gratification..

This is how we consumers act. If what we want is within reach – physically and in time – we buy it. If not, we wait. As a webshop owner, we are sure you are keenly aware that a sale delayed is often a sale lost.

If 50 extra distribution days can lift sales by 10% – then imagine what 114 days can do.


medarbejder-slide-01Photo: Consignor


One of our core competences is our fast delivery service– whether we deliver newspapers, letters, magazines or parcels. Even if you hand your parcels in late, we see to it that your customers receive their parcels early next morning. We have a long record of early morning delivery of newspapers and an efficient team of carriers, who travel 100,000 km in four hours every night. Every day of the week, 365 days a year.

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Our happy employees make it possible to deliver the service, which is so important to us. Our employees are at the heart of DAO365. They play a major role in a working environment, where sharing knowledge is vitally important.


Quality starts in-house at DAO365. We focus on the job in hand – delivering parcels in all weathers. We also employ people whose task is to measure how well we do our job. If we receive a complaint regarding a delivery, our quality system requires us to investigate the matter within two hours, and we ensure that the customer receives a response within 24 hours. At DAO365 we prefer to have a clean desk before we start the next night’s work!


We measure quality electronically. We collect all the daily reports and plot them onto an electronic map. Thereby, we can follow up on any problem or mistake – and we always do. Daily collection of data is automatic and therefore 100% objective. We use an analysis program to measure quality and frequency of a certain period from day to day, month to month or per quarter. We can even track data in real time – as things happen.



Andreas Dirksen, CEO og Partner, is a true growth adventure and right from the start, DAO365 has been a part of the journey. Every year we handle many thousands of parcels to be delivered on time and we have really high standards for our partners concerning their customer service and their quality in deliveries.

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DAO365 meets these requirements to the full and both parties do our best to help each other and optimize both customer service and working processes even more. As an example, DAO365 follows us on Trustpilot to see if there are any issues on delivery to be improved. All in all, this is a true win-win partnership.

Jesper Jensen, Electrolux

With 180-200 customers waiting for our service engineers every day, it is of course crucial that the spare parts which were ordered from Jönköping yesterday arrive today. And when we use DAO365, we know they will.

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We believe it is all-important to have the right ‘sense of urgency’, and DAO365 has that! They are used to working with tight deadlines and they know that today’s newspaper is worthless tomorrow. Working with DAO365 we get flexibility, operationality and a very high degree of openness and response.

Nils K. Træholt, CEO,

It is our experience that DAO365 fully understands the importance of putting themselves in their customers’ – our – place when it comes to e-commerce, and we are very impressed by the way DAO365 breaks new ground concerning distribution to our customers.

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This has been a great help for us at to become far more competitive – also in relation to our many international competitors who have low prices and freight-paid orders. DAO365 is a vital partner for us, strengthening our competitive performance.



Bjarke Mailund, CEO og co-owner, MOBILCOVERS.DK

DAO365 is our primary freight supplier, as their concept fits perfectly into our setup with small products, which the carriers can carry on their scooters and deliver in the letter box.

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It is essential to us that our customers do not have to wait long for their parcel. Freight is an important part of the customer experience and we get a lot of positive feedback from our customers because of the fast delivery by DAO365. And we like happy customers at MOBILCOVERS.DK. Our co-operation with DAO365 is very good. They always follow up on any inquiry from us and that contributes to a high credibility and an even better co-operation.



Hopefully, your customers won’t want to return your goods. But if they do, it’s nice that it can be done quickly, easily and simple. For all parties. That’s what DAO365 Labelless can do.

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DAO365 Labelless have two options for you and your company:

1st option
When your customers want to return goods to your company, they log into your webshop and receive a code. They then write the three digits on the parcel and hand it in at a DAO Parcelshop.

2nd option
Your customer sends an email to your company and you reply with a code. The customer writes the three digits on the parcel and hands it in at a DAO Parcelshop.
The three digits let DAO365 know where to send the parcel and the customer needs not spend time on writing name, address and buying postage. And you need not spend time on filling in labels and sending them to the customer. Easy and simple for all parties!

We have more than 900 Parcelshops and also one near your customers.

Three digits – DAO365 takes care of the rest – easy and simple!



Torben Andersen, CIO
M 4193 0802  E
Christian Roland Larsen, COO
M 4193 0860  E
Ole Morten Nielsen, CFO
M 4193 0827  E
Kuno Nørskov, CPO
M 4193 0815  E


DAO distribution A/S
(Dansk Avis Omdeling A/S)
Business 26 06 38 92

Board of Directors
Dorthe Bjerregaard-Knudsen (Chairman)
Bjarne Munck (Deputy chairman)
Hans Peter Nissen
Carsten Runge

Deloitte Statsautoriseret

Niels Schack Boisen

Municipality of domicile: Vejle


Download accounts (in Danish)

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Download other material (in Danish)

2016 CSR Download pdf
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We have many employees who take care of delivering morning newspapers and books to book shops and retailers. We believe it is important that our employees thrive in their work and understand DAO365’s quality requirements for delivery on time. We believe that happy employees make for happy customers.
At DAO365, we appreciate happy employees who fulfil our own requirements for on-time delivery of newspapers and efficient distribution of printed matter, magazines and parcels. We are proud of everyone in our team. Every single employee is extremely important for our success.


“Working as a carrier...

I will keep going until I am 90
“Working as a carrier with DAO365 gets me my daily exercise and fresh air. I think it’s important that I have a job to do and that I get out and about. Lots of people rely on me to deliver their newspaper every morning, and I cannot disappoint them. I like this job – there are great people around me to make sure that our customers get their newspapers. To me, DAO365 is a good place to work. I really enjoy being a carrier.”
— Marinus Grosen, 74 years. Carrier with DAO365 since 1994

“I am 81 years old ...

The second oldest delivery boy in Denmark
“I am 81 years old and thus one of the oldest delivery boys in Denmark. I am happy to drive my 9 km a day with newspapers and printed matter for DAO365. I get all the information I need, the printed matter arrives on time and we have a good dialogue with our contact persons. My work keeps me going – and I love being a carrier.”
— Hans Peter Møller, 84 years. Carrier with DAO365 since 1998

“Within a few short years...

Dynamic working days in a dynamic company
“Within a few short years DAO365 has become a trendsetter, leading the field, which was indeed a specific goal for the company. As for me, I have an interesting job in a company, which sees change and quality improvements as a natural part of every day. Working at DAO365 also gives me an insight into different cultures, backgrounds and qualifications – and I believe we have an interesting synergy. I also enjoy seeing employees thrive with the changes and challenges they meet during their working day.”
— Henrik Hjorth Pedersen


Would you like to work with us?

DAO365 needs committed employees – as carriers and in other positions – to continue to deliver the high quality we deliver today. Please send your unsolicited application to

Job as a carrier

Would you like to help deliver information to more than 250,000 people every day? And to have a working day where you make a difference to our customers? Are you an early riser? Would you like to help us provide a high-quality service to our customers’ readers? Please send your application to Remember to tell us where you would like to work.

Other positions

Would you like to apply for another type of job at DAO365? If you would like to become a part of DAO365 and help us secure our quality in future, please send your unsolicited application to



As the recipient – or the sender – of a parcel, you can always track your parcel here. Write your tracking or labelless code here and track your parcel.

Vi har endnu ikke registreret nogen hændelser på forsendelsenummeret:




How many parcels must I send to be a customer with DAO365?

To be a customer with DAO365 your company must send at least 10,000 parcels a year. It is our experience however, that you will send far more parcels than before when you become a customer with DAO365 – remember that we deliver your parcels 365 days a year. What are you waiting for?

Which size parcels can I send by DAO365?

DAO365 handles both large, small, round or square parcels – but it needs to fit on the scooter if you want our carrier to deliver it at a private address. Therefore, parcels for private addresses must be within the size of 30x40x8 cm and have a maximum weight of 3 kg. If the parcel is to be delivered at a DAO Parcelshop nearby, it can be 50x50x50 cm and weigh up to 10 kilo.

How many Parcelshops has DAO365?

We have more than 900 Parcelshops distributed all over Denmark – and we are constantly opening new ones where needed! You will always find a Parcelshop near your customers.

What is the delivery time?

As a business customer with DAO365 you can expect that your customers will have their parcel delivered the next day after you have sent it. That’s what we call good customer service – and we do it 365 days a year.

Press release, 14 July 2015

DAO365’s new nationwide parcel delivery concept is set to challenge the major players on the market by offering deliveries 365 days a year. Consumers can shop on the Internet at any time and their parcels arrive the next day. The new service is expected to create at least 10% additional sales for webshop owners. Get pdf (in Danish) of the press release



If you want to know more, then please contact us at
+ 45 72 33 08 00 or