Always on the go

Time is of the essence to us. We use the opportunities provided by our background in the newspaper industry to make sure your parcels, newspapers and magazines are delivered to you early in the morning. We deliver every day, including on public holidays - all year. We understand that time is of the essence because our background is in the distribution of the most perishable of all goods: The news.

And it is in our DNA to make it as easy as possible for you to receive your parcels. This is why we walk all the way up to your doormat with them. And if we could put them in your lap, we would.

Every night 3,500 dao distributors drive 100,000 kilometres to make sure your newspaper, parcel or favourite magazine is waiting for you when you wake up.

We deliver parcels, newspapers and magazines to more than 6,000 shops every day. We also deliver printed matter and parcels to home addresses. This has been the case since 2007, when dao was established after the merger of Jyllands-Posten Distribution A/S and Dansk Avis Distribution.

Half of the company ownership is held by Syddanske Medier A/S and the other half by JP/Politikens Hus A/S and, today, dao is the largest overnight distribution company with headquarters in Vejle, Jutland.

Sustainable delivery

We endeavour to show consideration for our environment: Driving on green electricity, electric scooters and biodiesel. Our goal is to become entirely CO2-neutral - because we are totally dependent on a sustainable world and the people who live in it. For this reason we always think sustainably. Not merely green, but sustainable It is the only way we can keep delivering your parcels, newspapers and magazines while you sleep.