dao introduces daoHOMEBOX - the intelligent mailbox for the Home of the Future

In connection with the reopening of "Fremtidens Hjem", dao introduced a powerfull solution for today's highly topical challenge. Secure delivery of goods to private addresses.

Friday was big celebration day in connection with the reopening of "Fremtidens Hjem" and thus also the day when dao introduced their latest initiative, daoHOMEBOX. Over the past year, Danish consumers have become extremely happy with home delivery when they shop online.

Adm. Director of dao, Morten Villberg is pleased with this development and believes that the timing of the past year's periodic shutdowns of society will have a positive effect on this introduction.

We have delivered more than DKK 82 million newspapers, letters, magazines and packages in the past year and is known by many as the leader in home delivery in Denmark. Therefore, it is obvious that we are developing new products for this particular scenario. daoHOMEBOX is designed to ensure the consumer an easy and safe delivery of packages and other valuables, ”says Morten Villberg.

With many different features, daoHOMEBOX is a more intelligent mailbox than you otherwise will find on the Danish market. Via an app, the consumer gets easy access to control of both fixed passwords and one-time codes, an overview of the weight and temperature in the mailbox and a keyless opening of the mailbox.

daoHOMEBOX is equipped with powerful solar cells and can therefore function optimally only by using solar energy. Although the Danish weather does not always offer sunshine, daoHOMEBOX is functional - the owner therefore does not have to lead cables to the box.

Our goal is for daoHOMEBOX to be able to function as the consumer's own post office in the future, and in the long term we - in addition to delivery to the mailbox - also want to be able to pick up packages from the mailbox. It comes in the next step, so we ensure optimal implementation of the pick-up task, which is more complex than the actual delivery of packages ”, concludes Morten Villberg.


For further information and comments, please contact presse@dao.as