Now you are able to buy a daoHOMEBOX

daoHOMEBOX is a parcel mailbox where your parcels are delivered securely and safely at your home address. You won't have to make the trip to the parcel shop or the post office.

On April 26 this year, dao introduced a strong take on solving the current challenge of online shopping: Secure delivery of parcels at your home address.

Since its introduction, there has been great interest in the new initiative for the private consumer, and dao is now ready to launch daoHOMEBOX.
The mailbox can be purchased on and together with strong partners such as Bauhaus, eurodan-huse and L'easy, we are ready to take over the Danish market.

View daoHOMEBOX in Bauhaus here

"We are pleased with the interest that has been surrounding daoHOMEBOX and proud that it has been received as well in the market as it is. This confirms that our strategy of developing services and products to facilitate the private consumer's daily life is the right focus," says Morten Villberg, CEO of dao.

daoHOMEBOX allows the delivery of packages from both dao and other distributors. With a code for HOMEBOXEN, the recipient controls who should have access and how long access should be active. The package is placed in safe custody in the intelligent parcel mailbox and allows delivery even if the recipient lives in a busy area.

With this launch, dao also strengthens its latest initiative daoPICKUP, where the private consumer can order dao to pick up a package at the home address – thus saving the trip to the parcel shop to deliver the package himself. This service can be ordered together with the purchase of label on

You can read more about daoHOMEBOX and daoPICKUP – and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.