Save yourself the trouble. With daoPICKUP, we are now offering to pick up parcels from private addresses

You no longer have to stand in line at a parcel shop or at a post office to send a parcel. If you send your parcel with dao, we offer, as something completely new, to pick up your parcel at your home.

All you have to do is opt for daoPICKUP when you buy your freight from dao at When you order, you simply tell us where at your address we should pick up the parcel - eg at your door - then we will come by and pick it up at the ordered time, and make sure it arrives safely and securely at the recipient's private address. This solution is possible both with a printed daoE-LABEL, and if you do not have a printer, you can write a unique 9-digit code directly on your parcel.

“It is important for dao that we constantly develop and come up with good, flexible solutions for the private segment. That is the only way how we can help webshop customers and private customers make shipping easier,” fortæller Direktør for dao, Morten Villberg. 

The launch of daoPICKUP is now being deployed nationwide. At the moment it is possible to pick up parcels at private addresses in large parts of Jutland and in short time it will be possible throughout the whole country.

You can read more about daoPICKUP and see if we cover your address at the moment here. You can buy shipping with dao at - this is also where you order a pick up of your parcel.