Tour de France Official Fan - dao supports Tour de France in Denmark

On Thursday afternoon, the final route for next year's Tour de France was announced at a grand event at the Palais des Congrés in Paris. Accompanied by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik and the mayors of the host cities, dao participated as one of the five Tour de France Official Fan at this celebration.

dao is proud to be able to support the folk festival that will be to get the Tour de France to Denmark in 2022. Preparations for perhaps the biggest sporting event ever are already well underway in Denmark – and just as well, for dao, are the plans beginning to take form.

“We look forward to seeing a lot of high-standard international cycling with our customers. The routes are across Denmark, and it will bring the whole country together in a joint event,” says Morten Villberg, CEO at dao.

A cycling race goes well together with dao’s values ​​and business form and is also one of the main reasons that the decision to sponsor the Tour de France was made.

"dao delivers newspapers, letters, magazines and parcels at night and in the early morning hours - and we do this in large parts of Copenhagen and many Jutlandic cities with bicycles. It is therefore natural for us to look in the direction of a sponsorship in cycling and we are pleased that we succeeded in having the opportunity to link dao's name and brand with a professional brand such as the Tour de France,” continues Morten Villberg.

After a time when the growth has come largely from the external social situation, it is necessary that focus is put on the real brand value of dao. As a 100% Danish-owned distribution company, there is a really good match for the Tour de France and their great focus on green values. Values ​​that also fall well in line with the host cities' focus for the future and their development towards a greener future.

“When the Tour de France kicks off the tour with the single start in Copenhagen, a unique opportunity to establish our strong brand is presented to us. We look forward with great enthusiasm to the 3-day national festival and look forward to entering into an even closer dialogue with our many senders and recipients.” ends Morten Villberg.