Always on the go!

Time is of the essence to us. We’re utilizing the possibilities and opportunities, that our experience from the newspaper-distribution industry allow us, in order to secure that your parcels, newspapers and magazines are delivered to you in the morning – Every morning. We’re delivering shipments every single day, all year round, including holidays and weekends. The statement, that “Time is of the essence” is inseparable to dao, as we’ve originated from the newspaper-distribution industry.

It lies deep within our roots to make parcel shipping- and receiving as easy as possible. Had we been able to deliver the parcel directly to your lap, we’d do so – But we’ll settle by delivering it to your doormat.

Every single night, 3.500 dao deliverymen are travelling 100.000 kilometers, to secure that your newspaper, your parcel or your favorite magazine is ready to be picked up at your doormat when you wake up.

We deliver goods to more than 6.000 shops, stores and boutiques on a daily basis. We’re also delivering papers, publications and parcels directly to your home address. It’s been this way since 2007, when dao was founded after a fusion between Jyllands-Posten Distribution A/S and Dansk Avis Distribution.

The company is owned by Syddanske Medier A/S, and JP/Politikens Hus A/S, and is now the biggest distribution company in the business of morning-distribution, with headquarters in Vejle, Jutland.

Sustainable delivery

We’re aware of- and pay attention to the world around us: we’re running on green electricity, electric scooters and biodiesel. Our goal is to go completely CO2-neutral, as we’re fundamentally dependent on a healthy planet, and the beings that live there. Hence, we’re always thinking and acting with sustainability in mind. Only in doing so, we can keep delivering your parcels, your newspapers, and your magazines – All whilst you’re fast asleep.