You can sell more when you have more business days

dao deliver every day. EVERY day.

dao pick up your parcels every day. This means that you can deliver tomorrow – regardless of whether it is a Sunday, Maundy Thursday or Boxing Day. This gives you more business days.

dao deliver before 07:00 at your recipient's home address or through one of our 1,200 parcel shops. Also in the morning - any day of the week.

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Rune Fink, Group CFO

At, we are very pleased with our collaboration with dao. In addition to providing a fantastic service with fast delivery to our customers, we consider dao a strategically important partner. Our collaboration with dao works smoothly and we receive a great understanding of the challenges we face and experience a willingness on the part of dao to find solutions that work for both parties. We see dao as an important part of our achieved and future growth.

Niels K. Træholt, CEO

In our collaboration with dao, we feel that they have fully understood putting themselves in their customer's - our - place when it comes to e-commerce and we are impressed by how dao has thought out of the box when it comes to the distribution to our customers. It has helped to become much more competitive - and not least compared to our many international competitors who advertise with cheaper prices and free delivery. We consider dao a most vital collaborative partner in terms of competitiveness.

Bjarke Mailund, CEO

dao is our primary carrier because its concept is a perfect fit to our set-up with smaller items which the delivery persons can carry on their scooter and deliver in mailboxes. It is essential for us that the goods arrive quickly. Shipping is an important part of the customer experience and we receive a lot of positive feedback from customers because of dao's fast delivery. After all, that level of satisfaction reflects directly back at MOBILCOVERS.DK. Our collaboration with dao is really good. They are good at following up on our enquiries which strengthens both credibility and collaboration.


Morten Grabowski Kjær, Owner

At Luksusbaby, customer service means a lot and we go a long way for our customers. We have experienced this same concept at dao which has provided solutions to the most unbelievable situations for our customers, who eventually got their parcel. Everyone can make mistakes and we, at Luksusbaby, can also make mistakes. What matters is how the mistakes are rectified and, in this respect, dao has been fantastic. Luksusbaby, considers dao a strong business partner which helps to provide great service to all our customers. We have become a fan of dao.

Dennis Drejer, CEO

At, we find that a large proportion of our customers actively choose dao as their preferred carrier for their order. A large part of our target group greatly appreciates the early day-to-day morning delivery when they miss that last bundle of yarn to complete a project. As we grow and have enough volume to pick and pack orders seven days a week, it is great being able to promise customers next morning delivery - 365 days a year. We find that sales decrease on Fridays and the day before a public holiday due to the increased delivery time and we hope to be able to reduce this through our collaboration with dao.