dao delivers your shipments all year around, including the days where others are out of business. We’re on the go throughout the night and in the early morning hours, so the shipments are at the address – by the door, or in the mailbox – early in the day. Due to our thirteen years – and counting – in the business of delivering newspapers and magazines, we are already in possession of keys to most apartment-buildings. This secures, that we’re able to deliver parcels all the way to the doorstep of your customers.


You’ll have pleased and happy customers, using daoHOME. It’s the lightning-fast home delivery method, active every single day, all year round; this includes holidays and weekends, everywhere in Denmark. We deliver your parcel to the customer's home address already the next night or in the early morning hours. Read more


dao has more than 1.200 daoSHOP's and parcel boxes throughout Denmark, so your customers also have the opportunity to have shipments delivered to one of these. If we’re unable to deliver a parcel, originally meant to be delivered through daoHOME, we’ll forward it to a daoSHOP as well; this secures that your customers still receive the parcel on the planned day.
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We deliver to 24 European countries. We’ll make this as easy as possible, for you and for your customer. Trace the shipment all the way to your receiver via our Track & Trace. Depending on the volume, dao can pick up shipments daily at your address, or you can hand in the shipments in a daoSHOP.
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daoE-LABEL makes it even easier for you to send parcels! You’ll just need to write a nine-digit code directly on the parcel, and in doing so, it won’t be necessary to print a label; we’ll make sure this is done, when the parcel reaches our distribution center. daoE-LABEL can also be used by your customers, in order to return a parcel.
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