Utilizing daoE-LABEL, you have the option to send parcels, without having to print a label. This is done by writing a nine-digit code directly on the parcel and sending it from a daoSHOP. It doesn’t get much easier!

The nine-digit code will need to be written with a waterproof pen, on either paper or cardboard. If written on plastic, the digits are at risk of being washed out during transportation.


About daoE-LABEL

It’s possible to utilize a daoE-LABEL in connection with daoSHOP-parcels, daoHOME-parcels and daoEXPORT-parcels.

How do I use daoE-LABEL?

We use the nine-digit code to identify the parcel, for the purpose of printing a label when it reaches our distribution center. The following criteria need to be met when using the product:

  • The digits need to be visible and readable.
  • The digits are written in waterproof pen.
  • The digits are written on paper, or cardboard; not on plastic.


To secure that the contents of the parcel are intact when it arrives at the destination, you’ll have to package it properly. You can read more about packaging in our terms and conditions.