We’re also able to deliver food-products. We’re on the go throughout the late-night hours, so the products are ready by the doorstep of the recipient by 7 AM – This makes it possible for the goods to be put in the refrigerator, before your customers heads off to work.

About daoFOOD

  • Max weight: 10 kg
  • Max length: 60 cm
  • Max length + circumference: 200 cm


We deliver the FOOD-parcels to your customer by 7 AM. In a few areas, they are delivered in the hours before noon. We’ll deliver the FOOD-parcels as close to the front door, leading directly to the recipients’ home, as possible. If a key, or a passcode is required to enter (in the case of an apartment building), you’ll need to secure that this is cleared beforehand.


Your customer will receive a notification via. SMS and e-mail when a FOOD-parcel has been delivered. Due to our hours of delivery, we won’t send an SMS before 7 AM; the email will be sent within 15 minutes of the delivery.


You are responsible for the packaging of the FOOD-parcel, and its temperature. It is required, that the FOOD-parcels’ durability is stated along with the order. dao does not actively cool-down the parcels at our distribution-centers, nor during the transport.

The Smiley Scheme

dao is food-delivery-approved, and are inspected regularly by Fødevarestyrelsen (department responsible for the control and regulation of food selling- and distribution). We do not deliver FOOD-parcels for the purpose of reselling; we simply transport and deliver them to your customers.

Learn more about the Smiley Scheme.