We also deliver food parcels. We ship at night, so the food is at your recipient’s front door before 07:00. This means that your customer can put their food in the refrigerator before going to work.

About daoFOOD

  • Max 10 kg
  • Max 60cm in length
  • Max circumference + length must not be more than 200 cm*

*Calculation of circumference og max meaures:

Circumference is calculated by talking width and height x 2

Max measure is width+height x2 + length

"Length" is always the longest side of the shipment


We deliver the parcels to your customers before 07:00. In some areas we deliver later in the morning. We deliver the parcel as close to the front door as we can. If we need to use a key or an entry code, you need to make sure we have the key or code.


Track & Trace is included in the shipment of all dao parcels. You will also receive text and email notification when the parcel is delivered to you. Because we deliver at night, we do not bother you with a text before 07:00. You will however receive an email within 15 minutes of the parcel being delivered.


You are responsible for the packaging and refrigeration of the parcel. You must state the shelf life when chilled when placing your parcel order. We do not actively chill the parcels at our terminals or during transport.

The Smiley scheme

dao is approved for handling foods and we are regularly checked by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. We do not deliver food for resale - we only transport your food.

Learn more about the Smiley scheme.