With daoHOME you get your shipments delivered on your doorstep, 365 days a year – even when other delivery services are closed. We ship the parcel at night, so you receive it at your door the next morning before 07:00.


About daoHOME

  • Max 3 kg
  • Max 40cm long
  • Circumference + length must be a maximum of 120 cm in total

How to calculate the size

The circumference is calculated by adding width to height and multiplying by two

The overall dimensions is calculated by adding width to height, multiplying this by two and adding the length as illustrated

The length is the longest side of the shipment

If the parcel is too large ...

... we can still help. If there is not room for the parcel on our eco-friendly, electric scooter, delivery will cost you a little extra, because we have to handle and deliver it in a different way.

Delivery in your mailbox

We would prefer to put the parcel in your mailbox. If the parcel is too large, we hang it in a plastic bag on the door handle. If our delivery person finds that this is not safe, or we cannot deliver the parcel to you, we take it to the nearest daoSHOP.


Track & Trace is included in the shipment of all dao parcels. You will also receive text and email notification when the parcel is delivered to you. Because we deliver at night, we do not bother you with a text message before 07:00. You will receive an email within 15 minutes of the parcel being delivered.


To ensure that the contents of your parcel are intact when they arrive, be sure to wrap them securely. You can learn more about packaging in our business terms.

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