When you need to send a parcel to a private recipient in Denmark or abroad, you no longer have to arrange for it to be handed in at a daoSHOP. Now you can easily and quickly book a pickup of your parcel at your private address.

daoPICKUP is a completely new service that we are constantly working to expand. It is currently possible to order a PICKUP at your private address in large parts of Jutland and now also in parts of Funen and Zealand. In short time it will be possible to pick up your parcel at the private address in almost all of Denmark. 

See here, if we offer pickup at your exact address.

Right now you can order daoPICKUP for free

When you buy your daoE-LABEL, you can easily choose a pickup with daoPICKUP

You can order dao to pick up your parcel while you make a daoE-LABEL. With validation of your address, you will be notified immediately when we are in your area next time. And you can book us right until 10.00 pm.

Place the parcel for dao at the agreed place, then we will pick it up at night and deliver it to the private recipient as requested.

The parcel must obey measure and weight as a daoHOME parcel:

  • Max weight: 5 kg
  • Max length: 55 cm 
  • Max circumference + length: 120 cm

Right now without additional charge - pickup for DKK 0
You pay a separate price of only DKK 10 for the actual pickup of the parcelt. Right now, however, you can order a pickup for free. When you book a daoE-LABEL in our online portal, you can choose a to order a pickup at your address.

Of course, you still have the opportunity to hand in your parcel for shipment in one of our more than 1.200 daoSHOPs located throughout Denmark.

You will be notified when the parcel has been picked up at your address and we will also write if anything prevented a successful pickup. That way you are informed throughout the process.

To secure that the contents of the parcel is intact when it arrives to the destination, you’ll have to package it properly. This also means that in case of rain or snow and if the parcel is placed out in the open, it must be placed in a plastic bag. You can read more here


Our standard terms and conditions apply to daoPICKUP, which can be found here.