You will find a daoSHOP near you, because we have approx. 1,200 parcel shops across the country. You can both deliver and pick up parcels at your local dao shop.

And, of course, Track & Trace is included in the shipment of all dao parcels.

Sending parcels from a daoSHOP
daoSHOP is flexible when you want to send a parcel. And security is important to us, both while handling your parcel and when delivering it to your recipient.

Picking up parcels from a daoSHOP
You can pick up your parcel at your convenience - within the daoSHOP business hours. You will be notified by text or email and given a code so you do not have to show ID when you pick up your parcel.

About daoSHOP

  • Max 10 kg
  • Max 60cm in length
  • Max circumference + length must not be more than 200 cm*

*Calculation of circumference og max meaures:

Circumference is calculated by talking width and height x 2

Max measure is width+height x2 + length

"Length" is always the longest side of the shipment


dao delivers to your nearest daoSHOP, unless you have chosen another daoSHOP.


Track & Trace is included in the shipment of all dao parcels. You will also receive text and email notification when the parcel is delivered to you. Because we deliver at night, we do not bother you with a text message before 07:00. You will receive an email within 15 minutes of the parcel being delivered.


To ensure that the contents of your parcel are intact when they arrive, be sure to wrap them securely. You can learn more about packaging in our business terms.

If the parcel is too large ...

... we can still help. If there is not room for the parcel on our eco-friendly, electric scooter, delivery will cost you a little extra, because we have to handle and deliver it in a different way.