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You will most likely be able to find a daoSHOP near you; we host more than 1200, spread out through Denmark. You may send and retrieve parcels from your local daoSHOP.

About daoSHOP

  • Max weight: 10kg
  • Max lenght: 60 cm 
  • Max circumference + length: 200 cm

How it’s calculated:

The longest side of the parcel is measured (max length 60 cm).

The circumference is calculated by measuring the height and the width of the parcel, adding the measurements together, and multiplying the result by 2.

The two results (length and circumference) are added together, and are allowed to measure 200 cm.


dao may deliver parcels to the nearest parcelshop, in relation to the recipients’ stated address. We’re also capable of sending parcels to a specific shop, should this be in your interest; if it’s in relation to a parcel, sent between two private parties, the sender must select the chosen shop.


Along with all dao-shipments, you’ll receive a track & trace-number. You’ll be informed when the parcel is sent, as well as when it’s ready to be picked up in a daoSHOP.


To ensure that the contents of the parcel are intact when they arrive, please make sure to package them properly. You can learn more about packaging in our business terms and conditions.