Should the gift be ready under the Christmas tree on the 24th of December?

If you're sending packages as a private individual or as a small webshop, the deadline for handing in parcels at daoSHOP is the 19th of December.
We'll collect the packages on the 20th of December and deliver them to your recipient up until the 23rd of December,
ensuring they receive them before Christmas.

Remember, we deliver daoHOME packages every day, including Christmas Eve!
Therefore, the last deadline for handing in parcels sent with daoHOME is the 20th of December.


Country Deadline for sending 

December 20th to daoHOME

December 19th to daoSHOP

France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria December 17th.
Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Greece, Ireland December 15th.


Are you picking up or delivering directly at our terminal?

Then we recommend that daoSHOP packages are sent by the 21st of December and daoHOME packages by the 22nd of December.
This ensures that your recipients will receive their packages before Christmas.
Naturally, we also collect from you on the 23rd of December - however,
we cannot guarantee that all packages will arrive by the 24th of December.