Safe packaging

When sending a parcel with dao, it is important that you ensure that the content is packaged safely, so the parcel arrives in the same condition that it was sent, at the recipient.

A primary rule of thumb:

Soft content: Soft packaging is acceptable (strong plastic)

Solid content: Remember a strong outer packaging (tough cardboard box), along with a fitting inner packaging


A good packaging consists of a strong outer packaging, as well as fitting inner packaging and the following safety measures:

  • Fill out all empty spaces with appropriate material to protect the content.
  • You are to ensure, that neither displacement, nor unwanted pressure or bumps can occur; this goes for the individual items, as well as between the content, and the outer packaging.
  • If the parcel is packaged with pockets of air, the risk of pressure and damage to the content increases.
  • If the content is wobbling around when wrapped up – then it is not packaged properly for distribution with our system. You can check this by shaking up the finished parcel.


If you are sending fragile products, please note:

  • Using our machine-automatic sorting systems at our distribution centers, we are unfortunately unable to pay extra attention to “Fragile”-labels and the like.
  • Porcelain, glass, flatscreens, IT-equipment and other fragile products are to be packaged extra carefully and safely. The inner packaging must consist of tight, pressure-absorbing material (in case of technical equipment, this inner packaging must be molded specifically for the product). The packaging must fit the content. All empty space must be filled with appropriate material, to protect the content.
  • Products that hold liquids must be shipped in an outer packaging, that is suitable for distribution with dao. You must ensure, that the products are protected against external impacts, and the inner packaging must absorb and prevent potential leakage.


Learn more from our Terms and Conditions and check whether dao will economically cover your damage, in the event of an accident.