You receive your newspapers, letters, magazines and parcels quickly with dao. 

dao has delivered morning papers for years. We drive 100,000 km every night - and since we are on the road anyway, we may as well deliver your parcel too. We have keys to most apartment buildings so we can leave your parcel directly on the doormat. Seven days a week - 365 days a year.


With daoHOME you get your parcels delivered to your door 365 days a year. Even when other delivery services are closed. We ship the parcel at night, so it is delivered the next morning before 07:00.
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You can drop off and pick up your parcels in one of our 1,200 parcel shops across the country. You can either ship to another parcel shop or choose home delivery.
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With dao, you can also ship to most of Europe.
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You don't have access to a printer?

Then just use daoE-LABEL
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